Danielle Simon

My name is Danielle Simon and I’m the Sales and Office Manager for the Inspect 360 Team.

Since 2012 I had worked with home inspectors all over the United States and Canada.  After years of experiencing all of the wonderful things the industry has to offer, I decided it was time to settle down and be a ONE company girl!

While I worried that I wouldn’t be fulfilled, even hanging on to the names and numbers of all the other companies I had loved before, I quickly realized how rewarding having a one and only could be.  I love being part of an ever growing, and changing company.  I love hearing new agent and client voices on the other end of the phone.

I’m challenged daily by my amazing team, and I’m always updating protocols and procedures to help fit the needs of everyone involved in each transaction.

When I’m not working you can find me DIY’ing the heck out of my own home.  I’m normally covered in drywall dust, grout, paint, with a hammer in one hand and a crow bar in the other.  My husband of 17 years enters the home cautiously each day not knowing exactly what I’ve pulled up, knocked down, or wrapped up, while my son is constantly mesmerized by the amount of projects his mother can initiate in a single bound.

While you may not talk to me on the phone, know I’m here, behind the scenes doing all I can to make your experience with us as gratifying as humanly possible!

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